"First off I love the safe wallet. I have owned one since the first production run and I use it every day!!!"

–Connor R.

"We love the SAFE Wallet in this family!!! My fiancé and I have ordered four SAFE Wallets. First two were for us, third was a gift and forth was to replace my fiancé’s older case. My SAFE Wallet is going on year and 8 month old and it has help up great!!"

–Jackie C.

"I've had my SAFE Wallet for over a year and it has been amazing! It’s taken some pretty hard falls—one or two REALLY bad ones—and my iPhone is still in perfect condition. The SAFE Wallet was well worth the money!

For my next iPhone, I'm thinking about buying a SAFE Wallet in each color so I could change them out periodically. Everyone here in Mooresville, NC loves it!! Everyone always asks where I got it and I always brag. And show them how cool it is. So keep it up! Can't wait to see where guys go from here!!"

–Jennifer E.

"I'm VERY stoked to get this new case, especially in light of the Forbes article! Congrats on that!!! There are very few things better than an article by a major publication comparing your product to James Bond technology....AWESOME!! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is EXACTLY why I'm a supporter of this particular product. It is the ultimate in "cool." Wallet and phone, all in one case, all inside one pocket. The model of cool and efficiency. Pat yourselves on the backs, gentlemen. You've done a great job. Quality should always win out, and you guys stuck to your guns."

–David W.

"I love my SAFE Wallet, and it is an indispensable piece of my everyday carry!"

–Steven T.