BulletTrain was founded in 2000 by San Francisco designer, Jake Ehrlich whose lifelong vision has been to unlock the true potential of computing by creating a truly friction-free experience for the user.

In early 2000, Jake published a series of articles outlining his visions for the ultimate computing experience. An assistant to the C.E.O. of SAP, the $50 Billion German enterprise software company, read Jake's article ‘Thoughts On The Future Of Handheld Computing’ and contacted Jake with a fascinating proposition. The assistant said, "SAP is the largest enterprise software company on earth, but our greatest challenge is the people who use our software say they use it because they have to, but they don't like the User Interface. We are interested in hiring you to re-imagineer our software user interface and business process methodology for event driven interfaces."

Jake worked on the project for SAP as the lead imagineer for close to a year. At the end of the project, Jake presented his work to the Chairman and founder of SAP, Hasso Plattner, and the C.E.O. of SAP Labs, Shai Agasi, with critical acclaim. SAP was so impressed with Jake's ability to imagineer the future of their computing platform they tried to bring him on-board full time; but Jake had much grander ambitions. It was then that BulletTrain was born.

In the years following, BulletTrain would spread its ideas throughout Silicon Valley. We completed a design reference that was presented to Jeff Hawkins, the founder of Palm. Another design reference was presented to Bill Gates at Microsoft, as well as Steve Jobs at Apple. BulletTrain also completed and presented design references to both Google and Adobe.

In 2010, BulletTrain boldly set out to show the world we could make Apple products MUCH better, launching the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and the MagicStand for iPad. Both were received with rave reviews from the tech community and customers the world over. The eXpress Keyboard forever changed the way customers interact with their computers—giving them a truly integrated and portable experience. The MagicStand finally gave the iPad a leg to stand on making it profoundly more useful.

BulletTrain is just getting started. Our vision for the future is bright and we’ve got some truly exciting things planned.

"The counterintuitive, inefficient design of today's computers wastes a tremendous amount of precious time, and causes confusion, frustration and fatigue for users. People struggle with using computers for many different reasons. BulletTrain will provide solutions for all these challenges by unleashing the power of the computer for everyone through real innovation and useful new tools that will completely optimize the computing experience."

Jake Ehrlich, CEO & Designer 2005