BulletTrain and Ngmoco Collaborate on a Very Special BulletTrain eXpress.

SAN FRANCISCO, California—August 30, 2011—BulletTrain’s innovative all in one keyboard and trackpad solution has landed in the offices of the up and coming gaming and software company Ngmoco. A very special Laser etched version of BulletTrain’s Aluminum eXpress was custom designed and manufactured in order to bring an ergonomic and unique solution to Ngmoco’s employees.

Ngmoco is one of the leading names in gaming today. With 25 games published under the Ngmoco name customers have installed Ngmoco titles an unprecedented 7 million times in just under 2 years.

It was an Ngmoco employee who had purchased an Aluminum BulletTrain eXpress that recommended the all in ones style, comfort, and quality to other employees. After demand grew over the eXpress, Ngmoco and BulletTrain formed a partnership to bring employees the BulletTrain eXpress.

For more information on Ngmoco visit www.Ngmoco.com and for Pricing and availability of custom laser engraved BulletTrain express's email Sales@BulletTrain.com