San Francisco Designer, Jake Ehrlich Launches BulletTrain Brand With Breakthrough Products for Apple Users and Promises This is Just the Beginning.

SAN FRANCISCO, California—October 26, 2010—Out of the desire to make technology more user friendly and friction-free, comes BulletTrain. More than simply a tech company or an accessory manufacturer, BulletTrain creates solutions to make it easier for customers to do not only what they need to do, but also things they never dreamed were possible in the most straightforward and efficient way.

“No matter how good I got at using technology, it was still always a struggle at best. As someone who really understands design, I decided I had enough. I created BulletTrain with one goal: to make technology truly friction-free. I wanted to make technology that worked with people instead of forcing people to work around technology.” said Jake Ehrlich, CEO & Designer.

This vision is readily apparent in BulletTrain’s first two products, an ingenious little stand for the iPad called the “MagicStand” and the “eXpress,” a Keyboard platform for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad that will simply leave your jaw on the floor.

The BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad is a remarkable masterpiece of design and engineering that works perfectly with the iPad. It’s instantly apparent how much time and effort went into producing it. The anodized aluminum MagicStand offers users infinite adjust-ability through a full 90 degrees of rotation. The stand is one of the first on the market that allows for easy use in both portrait and landscape modes. It even has a "Steep Typing Angle" that allows you to type on it comfortably just like on a laptop. The MagicStand is the perfect iPad stand and the only accessory you will ever need for your iPad. It fundamentally reinvents and changes what the iPad is, and what it can do.

BulletTrain’s eXpress Keyboard Platform for Apple Magic TrackPad and Wireless Keyboard is one of those rare products that instantly just makes sense and inspires a “Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” response. The eXpress unites the trackpad and keyboard into a profoundly comfortable and ergonomic unit. If you’ve ever used a laptop computer, the layout provided by the eXpress will feel immediately familiar. BulletTrain realized the best place for the trackpad was front and center and they figured out a beautiful way to put it there.

With your keyboard and trackpad securely locked into the BulletTrain eXpress, you’ve now got a completely portable way to interface with your computer. It works great on your lap and it’s light enough to be passed around. It would be perfectly at home in a Media Center or even in an office. This product is pure genius.

Both products have been designed and are produced in San Francisco. BulletTrain uses very high quality materials in these products and it is clear they put a lot into getting them just right.

BulletTrain’s CEO put it best ,“At BulletTrain, we don’t just care about how our products meet the needs of our customers. We really, really, really care. That is why our ultimate objective is to exceed the expectations of our customers by designing dynamic, high-quality products that posses a perfect balance of form, function and fun. Perfection in design is achieved when a product possesses this extremely rare balance. The BulletTrain eXpress and MagicStand achieve just that–a perfect balance of form, function and fun. I promise, this is just the beginning. The future will be even more fun!!!”

The BulletTrain eXpress and MagicStand are available at the BulletTrain website (
BulletTrain eXpress $139 (US)
BulletTrain MagicStand $129 (US)