BulletTrain Leads the Pack, Introduces The BulletTrain Battery Depot.

SAN FRANCISCO, California—October 26, 2010—BulletTrain’s constant vision of a “Friction Free” experience doesn't just stop with innovative computer accessories, it’s a philosophy that extends to all facets of life. BulletTrain’s CEO and Designer, Jake Ehrlich, found the idea of traditional alkaline batteries to be ridiculous. It was this stance against tradition that sparked many hours of research and an incredible discovery.

“Many years ago, I became intrigued with and purchased rechargeable batteries and a charger. My experience, left much to be desired. Like many other Americans, I tried and gave-up in absolute frustration

A year ago, in 2010 I decided I was going to dive-in and learn everything I could about rechargeable battery technology, and see if it was time to try it again. I was shocked at how confusing it was to pick the right battery recharger and batteries. There were so many choices, and most of them were terrible.

In my quest to find the best rechargeable batteries and battery charger,  I was stunned to learn more than 50% of batteries sold in Europe were rechargeable, and in countries like Germany, it was closer to somewhere between 70 and 80%.

It turns out Germans think Americans are crazy, since the adoption rate of rechargeable batteries in the United States is less than 1%. Germans think paying $1 for a battery, using it once, and throwing it in the garbage so it will end-up in a landfill is not only a huge waste of money, but environmentally devastating. Germans would rather pay $3 for a battery the can recharge up to 1000 times, and help protect Mother Earth.

After exhaustive research I ended up finding the best rechargeable batteries money could buy, and they are designed and made by a German company named Ansmann. I reached out to Ansmann and developed a relationship with them to not only sell their excellent rechargeable batteries and chargers, but to try to educate Americans about this great technology.

I believe the extremely low adoption-rate of rechargeable batteries in the U.S. has more to do with confusion than anything else, and that is where the BulletTrain Battery Depot comes in.

Jake added: “I will give you an example of why Ansmann rechargeable batteries are the best. Most rechargeable “C” cell batteries, from major battery manufactures are completely deceptive. They basically wrap a “C-Cell” case around a “AA” battery. What this means is the rechargeable “C” Cell has less than half the capacity it can and should. I consider this to not only be unethical, but a deceptive business practice. It is right up there with gas stations adding a 99/100 cents after the price. It’s just wrong!

Ansmann give you a real “C” cell with 2500 Mah, not a 1200 Mah “AA” disguised as a “C” cell. Most rechargeable batteries can only handle up to 200 charges, before they are depleted, but if you use Ansmann rechargeable batteries with their special chargers, you can get up to 1000 charges. This is because the Ansmann chargers intelligently condition the batteries, beyond just charging them.

It is ironic to me that everybody in 2011 is talking about how green-minded Americans are becoming yet most Americans are still unnecessarily wasting their hard-earned money, and destroying Mother Earth by purchasing disposable batteries.

My question to my fellow-Americans is ‘Would you rather pay $2 for a disposable battery, use it once, throw it in the garbage, and have it end-up in a landfill that significantly contributes to destroying Mother Earth, or, would you rather purchase the same rechargeable battery for $3 and use it 1000 times, and help preserve Mother Earth?’

I am confident, most Americans would be happy to invest in smart long-term solution if they have an intelligent solution, and that is exactly what we offer.

BulletTrain’s goal is to provide customers with innovative products that are also environmentally conscious.  “I want to bring the consumer something that will improve their life not just financially but something that will bring them joy knowing that they’re doing their part to better the environment.”

Jake continues, “These Batteries are the best of the best when it comes to rechargeables, Ansmann’s new technology means these batteries last much, much longer, and can be up to  1000 times without experiencing memory effect. In fact, after each charge they remain ready to use for up to one year. The Energy 16 charger is the best way to charge up to 16 different sizes and varieties at the same time. It’s really a no-brainer”

BulletTrain is proud to introduce its new information microsite titled the BulletTrain Battery Depot. In depth information, environmental impact, reviews, and answers to all of your questions are conveniently laid out enabling users to make an educated decision about rechargeable batteries.

BulletTrain will be offering a variety of solutions through its BulletTrain Battery Depot. The Battery Depot will offer the Ansmann Max-e AA 4 Pack, Ansmann Max-e AAA 4 Pack, Ansmann Max-e Plus 9V Single Pack, Ansmann Max-e C 2 Pack, Max-e C 2 Pack with prices ranging from US $9.99 to US $19.99. BulletTrain will also offer the Ansmann Energy 16 Battery Charger for US$92.99, Ansmann Energy Check for US $19.00.