BulletTrain Announces Revisions to its Premium Aluminum eXpress Keyboard Platform Including Slanted Typing Angle & New Attachment Method

SAN FRANCISCO, California—July 5, 2011—BulletTrain today announced updates to its acclaimed eXpress Aluminum Keyboard Platform for the Apple Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard. The updates include the addition of a slant angle to the platform as well as a completely new method of attachment for the Apple devices.

“We receive countless emails from our customers telling us how much they love their BulletTrain eXpress,” said Jake Ehrlich, CEO & Designer. “We love the eXpress too,” he continued. “That is why we’ll never stop exploring ways to improve it.”

The first generation BulletTrain eXpress completely revolutionized the keyboard experience combining materials that are built to last with a timeless minimalist aesthetic, it garnered acclaim from tech writers and customers the world over who embraced BulletTrain’s Zen-like approach to computing.

The new Aluminum eXpress has been painstakingly crafted to exceed customer expectations. Much time went into finding the perfect angle and it shows, profoundly improving ergonomics and comfort while typing on a desk or tabletop. This new slanted angle relieves pressure on the wrists and promotes a much more natural typing position. The addition of this new angle to the eXpress platform’s already great ergonomics creates the perfect interface for any environment.

Numerous hours spent researching the best method for attaching the Apple Devices to the eXpress resulted in a removable and re-stickable solution from 3M which completely eliminates the need to permanently affix anything to your keyboard or trackpad.

These improvements, coupled with materials of the absolute highest quality will impress purists, and utility-driven customers alike by delivering the perfect balance of art and science. Uniting Apple's Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, the Aluminum eXpress creates an exquisitely stylish, and ergonomic interface delivering the first truly friction-free computing experience.

At BulletTrain, we don’t just care about how our products meet the needs of our customers. We really, really, really care. Our ultimate objective is to exceed the expectations of our customers by designing timeless, dynamic, high-quality products that posses a perfect balance of form, function and fun. Perfection in design is achieved when a product possesses this extremely rare balance, and the BulletTrain Aluminum eXpress Keyboard Platform achieves just that–a perfect balance of form, function and fun!!!

The BulletTrain Aluminum eXpress is available at the BulletTrain website (www.bullettrain.com) for $139. (US)