"No matter how good I got at using a computer it was still always a struggle at best. As someone who really understands design, I decided I had enough. I was going to create a holistic new computing paradigm to make computers friction-free. I wanted to make computers think like people instead of making people think like computers."

Jake Ehrlich - CEO

Jake's vision of friction-free computing drives everything we do at BulletTrain. We don't see ourselves as simply a tech company or an accessory manufacturer. At BulletTrain, we see ourselves as enablers of dreams. It is much more than hardware or software. It's creating solutions that make it easier for customers like you to do not only what you need to do but also the things you never dreamed were possible in the most straightforward and efficient way possible.

We believe there's no limit to what we can accomplish by answering the question, "Why not?" There's no limit to what can be conquered with creativity and ingenuity.